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Kimberly Casey Carr


A Lifetime of Sports Passion

A world traveler, Kimberly Casey Carr, having hailed from a beautiful bucolic horse farm in the south, is the daughter of a U.S. horseman that taught her and her sisters to ride bareback, barrel race and professionally "show" their Thoroughbred horses within the equestrian circuit. In her father's formal vocation as a highly ranked federal analyst for the U.S. government, he was able to journey her family across the world on extensive travels. Her unique upbringing with her "Louis L'Amour" type father granted her family the good fortune of residing in Asia and several European continents before she ventured apart from her family back to New York City to embark upon her illustrious career path in sports and entertainment.


Part of her family tree originated from Provence, France, the Brasseurs (also known as the Brashear derivation, which means "brewer"). The Brasseurs left France, settling first in Kent, England before later arriving to Virginia in Colonial America in late 1653. They married into the Carrs from Ohio and Kentucky several generations later.  The Carrs were well known in the area for farming, horses and several important township business entities including the Carr family general store, photos of which can still be found on the walls of O'Charlies, a popular sports bar, donated from the local town Historian.  The Carrs have been responsible for major in-depth pro sports league development and Ms. Carr's league relationships include the NFL/NFL Alumni, and with FIFA soccer, International Cricket and the Major League Polo industry. 

In May of 2000, Kimberly Casey Carr became the first woman in U.S. history to both own and launch a professional sports league, which originally consisted of 8 national U.S. city teams.  Star players included Alina Carta, Stormie Hale (sister of Sunny Hale), Abby Riggs, Jolie Liston, Fiona Seagar, Dayelle Fargey, Kelly Wells, Vicki Owens and Roxy Keyfauver, just to name a few.

Now overseeing the helm of Major League Polo as well as several related pro soccer and entertainment entities (XLS Premier League), she works continuously to innovate the sports and equestrian health industry in new ways that incorporate her vast experiences with farming, sustainability, travel, tech, and business into sports and entertainment.  Community relationship building is a cornerstone in her sports and entertainment work.

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